billDear Friend:

I want to thank you for visiting this itinerary page for our 2017 “Holy Land Pilgrimage Journey” to both Jordon and Israel. The exciting trip you see displayed is for your consideration and is the result of much prayer plus many past experiences traveling to both countries.

I have designed this journey in consultation with our personal tour host Boaz Shalgee, President of EDI travel (Experience Destination Israel). There is a host of fine tour operators I could have chosen, but I wanted to collaborate with someone whose specialty is designing customized tour packages that would accommodate the places and important themes I believe the Lord has laid on my heart for this

pilgrimage experience.
Add to that exceptional distinction that Boaz is a 7th generation Israeli, tracing his family roots all the way back as a member of the ancient tribe of Levi. He served with the “Special Forces” unit of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Not only is Boaz a professional tour guide but he is a professional historian. Imagine the unique insights and informal conversations you will have with Boaz along our journey.
This pilgrimage is specially designed to interest both the first time visitor to the Holy Land, as well as those who’ve been before and have always vowed to return.
My theme for this journey is “The Holy Land: Past, Present, and Future.”

In considering the past, you will experience the Jewish and Christian sites central to Biblical history. That’s why I’ve included Jordon so you can visit Mt. Nebo where Moses took his last earthly look at the Promised Land and the carved sandstone dwellings of Petra where many theologians believe the 144,000 Jews of the Book of Revelation will flee to during the great tribulation. Add to that the history locations too many to mention here we will visit in Israel that are sacred to both Christians and Jews.

With a mind on present day Israel, we’ll give you a bird’s eye view of the Sea of Galilee and if it’s a clear day, the glimmering Mediterranean Sea from atop the Golan Heights, so important to Israel’s security. You’ll learn about the Israeli victories in the 1967 and 1973 wars as you look out on the many old military bunkers scattered on the heights. Add to that a fresh perspective of life in the southern border town of Ashkelon.

And lastly, you will visit unique locations of future events: the Mount of Olives that will be divided by an earthquake upon Jesus’ Second Coming, the sealed Eastern Gate to Jerusalem which will be opened upon His arrival and the Valley of Jezreel (Armageddon) site of the great last battle. I’ve added a special stop to the northern city of Kiriat Shmona, so you can view across into Lebanon and Syria where the armies of the North will come down to enter into Israel for the great battle.

This pilgrimage has been carefully designed to be a once in a lifetime opportunity just for you.

You will tour in comfortably in modern, air conditioned tour buses equipped with WIFI while touring Israel, sleep in 4* and 5* hotels throughout the journey with breakfast, lunch and dinner included every day!

Our fantastic all-inclusive tour price for this exceptional journey is $3,700 !!! That’s right, everything is, taxes, water, snacks plus roundtrip airfare to and from Tampa International Airport. Just bring along your money for your personal souvenirs and your choice of a Coke or Pepsi along the way.
Once you’ve compared our special pricing, we’ve made it hard for you to say no.
Bring your family and come visit the Holy land this June with Toni, Zach and me. As thousands have previously testified, once YOU visit the Holy Land, you’ll never be the same again, and your Bible Study will forever come alive!

Come back home with a renewed commitment to share the good news of Christ and enjoy the special new friendships forged from this shared pilgrimage that will last forever.
I hope to meet up with you on June 16th at the boarding gate at Tampa International Airport.

Bill Bunkley